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Arkadia™ Covers

Arkadia™ Covers

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  • Complete line of covers available for all Arkadia™ sauce pans, sauce pots, stock pots, and braziers.
ItemDescriptionCase LotCase Lot Weight (lbs.)Case Lot Cube (ft.)UPCUS List Price
7341C1 1/2 Qt (1.4 L) Sauce Pan Cover62.750.29029419799152$9.20
7342C2 3/4 Qt (2.6L) Sauce Pan Cover63.640.42029419799176$13.60
7343C3 3/4 Qt (3.5L) Sauce Pan Cover64.300.47029419799190$16.50
7344C4 1/2 Qt (4.3L) Sauce Pan Cover65.000.61029419799213$17.50
7345C5 1/2 Qt (5.2L) Sauce Pan Cover64.050.66029419799237$19.40
7347C7 Qt (6.6L) Sauce Pan Cover66.300.79029419799251$21.30
7348C8 1/2 Qt (8L) Sauce Pan Cover66.620.78029419799275$22.00
7350C10 Qt (9.5) Sauce Pan Cover67.860.99029419799299$23.20
7351C15 Qt (14.2L) Brazier Cover67.650.67029419799312$29.40
738910/12/16 Qt (9.5/11.4/15.1L) Sauce Pot Cover64.250.39029419799480$16.50
739210 Qt (9.5L) Sauce Pan Cover65.300.47029419799497$23.10
739314/20/24 Qt (13.2/18.9/22.7L) Sauce Pot Cover65.900.51029419799503$28.70
739660 Qt (56.8L) Sauce Pot Cover611.500.89029419799534$43.30
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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant