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Cayenne® Nitro™ Power Rethermalizer

NSFUL - US and CanadaMade in USA
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Performance Criteria:.Cayenne® Nitro Cookers are designed to take a container of cooked food from a chilled state (below 40°F [4.4°C]) through the HACCP "danger zone" of 140°F (60°C) in less than 90 minutes. The performance standard is measured using the NSF mixture chilled to 35°F (1.7°C). The electric unit will raise the temperature of this product above 150°F (65.6°C) in less than 90 minutes. The temperature will be maintained when the food product and pan or inset are used with a standard pan or inset cover, the proper water level is maintained in the well, and the food product is stirred regularly.
  • High efficiency 1440-watt element that operates on 15A circuit
  • Direct contact element concentrates energy directlyinto the well for maximum efficiency
  • Almost twice the water capacity of other countertop models, reducing need to refill the well as often
  • NSF4 listed when using moist heat
  • Heavy-duty bulb and capillary thermostat with overtemp protection
  • Adjustable 1" (2.5 cm) feet
  • Recommend using up to 4" (10.2 cm) deep food pans - standard and fractional sizes
  • NSF4 performance standards
  • 300 series stainless steel well
  • 6' cord and plug
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ItemDescriptionWattsVoltsAmpsPlugUS List Price
72090Cayenne ® Model PC-21, rethermalizer1440120 AC12.05-15P$727.80
No Accessories for this Product Family.
  • 002-910-HTEL-RM 120V MDL 144017069-1$74.40 
  • O-RING TRADE SIZE #11217070-3$1.30 
  • THERMO FIXED PC-21/66517077-1$26.00 
  • LEG PC-2117084-1$4.40 
  • 16 GA. POWER CORD 120V17085-1$14.10 
  • TIMER/CONTROL KNOB (F/17170)17388-1$4.60 
  • THERMOSTAT HIGH LIMIT17950-1$3.90 
  • THERMOSTAT DISC REGULAT. 125C25166-1$20.90 
  • ELEMENT COVER PC-2144627-2$47.80 
  • CONNECTOR 2 WIRE WAGO 221-4124350810-1$1.00 
  • NUT KEPS #6-3217019-3$0.50 

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