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Conveyor Toasters and Ovens Accessories

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Accessories for Vollrath's Conveyor Toasters & Ovens
ItemDescriptionFitsUPCUS List Price
351032Release Sheets (2) for CBT15VCT4-208, VCT4-240671080747859$69.00
351034Butter Wheel for CBT15VCT4-208, VCT4-240671080747866$330.00
351035Wall Mount Bracket for Cheese MeltersCM2-12020, CM2-12026, CM4-20835, CM4-24035, CM4-20835PA, CM4-24035PA671080747873$125.00
351037Dual Oven Stacking Spacer for JPO18/MGD18PO4-20818L-R, PO4-20818R-L, PO4-22018L-R, PO4-22018R-L, PO4-24018L-R, PO4-24018R-L, PO6-20818, PO6-22018, PO6-24018671080751962$600.00
351036Dual Oven Stacking Spacer for JSO/JPO14SO4-20814L-R, SO4-20814R-L, SO4-22014L-R, SO4-22014R-L, SO4-24014L-R, SO4-24014R-L, PO4-20814L-R, PO4-20814R-L, PO4-22014L-R, PO4-22014R-L, PO4-24014L-R, PO4-24014R-L671080751955$525.00
351038Dual Stacking Spacer for JB2HSO2-12010.5, SO2-20810.5, SO2-22010.5, SO2-24010.5671080747880$200.00
351042Dual Stacking Spacer for JB3HSO2-20814.5, SO2-22014.5, SO2-24014.5671080747897$225.00
No Accessories for this Product Family.
  • CORD FAN HP-75.24-AB401060$8.70 
  • NUT-LOCK 3/8-16 ZINC26884-3$0.50 
  • FAN MOTOR 3.2"X3.2"X1.5"B405052$72.60 

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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant