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Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Basting Spoons with Ergo Grip™ handles

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Basting Spoons with Ergo Grip™ handles

NSFJP Lifetime WarrantyAntimicrobial
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Durable and efficient spoon design
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel shaft and bowls - resistant to corrosion
  • High temperature patented nylon handle - heat resistant to 450°F (232°C)
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable and reduces hand fatigue
  • Built-in stopper notch prevents spoon from sliding into food product
  • Textured surface on handle prevents slippage while in use
  • One-piece construction is extremely durable and has no crevices to collect water or bacteria
  • Unique bowl shape with contoured end fits corner of pans - reducing food waste and maximizing serving efficiencies
  • 3-sided spoon has a straight-sided "cutting" edge to aid in serving solid, sticky, or cheesy food products
  • Color shown in image may differ from options available for specific item
ItemDescriptionColorLength IN (CM)HeightHeight (CM)US List Price
64130SolidBlack13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
64132PerforatedBlack13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
64134SlottedBlack13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
641363-Sided SolidBlack13 5/16 (33.8)13.312533.8$15.30
641383-Sided PerforatedBlack13 5/16 (33.8)13.312533.8$15.30
6414015SolidWhite13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414030SolidBlue13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414040SolidRed13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414050SolidYellow13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414070SolidGreen13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414080SolidPurple13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414215PerforatedWhite13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414230PerforatedBlue13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414240PerforatedRed13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414250PerforatedYellow13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414270PerforatedGreen13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414280PerforatedPurple13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant