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Mirage® Induction Buffet Warmers

Mirage® Induction Buffet Warmers

FCCNSFUL - US and CanadaInduction Ready
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Maximize your menu offerings without maxing out your electrical capacity with the Mirage® Induction Buffet Warmers. The low wattage warmers can be interconnected to one electrical outlet, which simplifies the planning and management of power cords, access to outlets and load capacity.
  • Fewer cords- connect up to 3 units together with an inter-connect cord – and only run one power cord to outlet on wall
  • Use for holding/warming of foods for serving - ideal for banquets and catering
  • Subtle, low-profile, attractive design coordinates with any serving set-up
  • Tempered, black glass top
  • Four power levels - low, medium, high and chafer preheat
  • Countertop version available in Natural or Black
  • LED indicator lights on control panel and glass
  • U.S. units only : At 2.5 Amps each, up to 5 units (at maximum power) can be plugged into a 15 amp circuit. 3 per power cord.
  • Convenient storage compartment underneath unit for cords not in use
  • Fits perfectly in 59145 carrying case (sold separately)
  • Designed to work with one (1) Vollrath chafer or serving vessel, or equivalent induction-ready chafer or serving vessel
ItemDescriptionSizeColorWattsVoltsUS List Price
5950875Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer16" x 23"Black375120$1150.00
5950880Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer16" x 23"Natural375120$1150.00
59508DWDrop-In Induction Buffet Warmer16" x 23"-375120$1170.00
5950275Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer16" x 16"Black300120$795.70
5950280Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer16" x 16"Natural300120$795.70
59502DWDrop-In Induction Buffet Warmer16" x 16"-300120$806.30
595088004Countertop Induction Warmer, China16" x 23"Natural375230$1150.00
595087505Countertop Induction Warmer, Australia16" x 23"Black375230$1150.00
595088002Countertop Induction Warmer, Schuko16" x 23"Natural375230$1150.00
595088003Countertop Induction Warmer, UK16" x 23"Natural375230$1150.00
595087503Countertop Induction Warmer, UK16" x 23"Black375230$1150.00
595087502Countertop Induction Warmer, Schuko16" x 23"Black375230$1150.00
595087504Countertop Induction Warmer, China16" x 23"Black375230$1150.00
595088005Countertop Induction Warmer, Australia16" x 23"Natural375230$1150.00
59508DW04Drop In Induction Warmer, China16" x 23"-375230$1170.00
59508DW05Drop In Induction Warmer, Australia16" x 23"-375230$1170.00
59508DW03Drop In Induction Warmer, UK16" x 23"-375230$1170.00
59508DW02Drop In Induction Warmer, Schuko16" x 23"-375230$1170.00
595027502Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, Schuko16" x 16"Black300230$795.70
595027503Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, UK16" x 16"Black300230$795.70
595027504Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, China16" x 16"Black300230
595027505Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, Australia16" x 16"Black300230$795.70
595028002Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, Schuko16" x 16"Natural300230$795.70
595028003Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, UK16" x 16"Natural300230$795.70
595028004Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, China16" x 16"Natural300230
595028005Countertop Induction Buffet Warmer, Australia16" x 16"Natural300230$795.70
59502DW02Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmer, Schuko16" x 16"-300230$806.30
59502DW03Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmer, UK16" x 16"-300230$806.30
59502DW04Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmer, China16" x 16"-300230
59502DW05Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmer, Australia16" x 16"-300230$806.30
Accessory Number:Accessory Family:Description:
59145Mirage® Induction Carrying CaseMirage® Induction Carrying Case
4644070Non-slip MatsNon-slip Mat - Full Size
4644080Non-slip MatsNon-slip Mat - 2/3 Size
  • THUMBSCREW 1/4-20 X 2"23035-3$3.20 
  • CORD STORAGE COVER25964-1$5.30 
  • 14 AWG POWER CORD25966-1$34.10 
  • 18 AWG INTERCONNECT PWR CORD25968-1$18.20 
  • REMOTE CONTROL PANEL25986-1$101.90 
  • USB CORD25987-1$9.30 
  • KIT FOR DROP-IN MTG BRACKET25988-1$8.20 
  • RUBBER FEET25990-1$1.00 
  • GLASS TOP ASSEMBLY5950201-1$141.10 
  • CORD AND PLUG   SCHUKO PLUG26143-1$22.80 
  • CORD AND PLUG  UK PLUG26144-1$26.40 
  • CORD AND PLUG  CHINA PLUG26145-1$22.20 
  • CORD AND PLUG   AUSTRALIAN P26146-1$26.40 
  • TOP W/GLASS ASSEMBLY5950801-1$361.90 
  • INTERCONNECT CORD 18AWG350862-1$17.90 
  • CORD COVER350866-1$50.40 
  • EMI BOARD350857-1$15.80 
  • INDUCTION COIL350858-1$112.60 
  • 59508 US PROGRAMMED BOARD351288-1$292.80 
  • 59508 INTL PROGRAMMED BOARD351289-1$292.80 
  • 59508 INTL INDUCTION COIL351291-1$125.50 
  • 59508 INTL EMI BOARD351290-1$47.40 

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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant