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Mirage® Buffet Induction Warmers

Mirage® Buffet Induction Warmers

FCCNSFUL - US and CanadaInduction Ready
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  • Fewer cords- connect up to 3 units together with an inter-connect cord – and only run one power cord to outlet on wall
  • Use for holding/warming of foods for serving - ideal for banquets and catering
  • Subtle, low-profile, attractive design coordinates with any serving set-up
  • Tempered, black glass top
  • Touch control, 4 power settings
  • Countertop version available in Natural or Black
  • LED indicator lights on control panel and glass
  • U.S. units only : At 2.5 Amps each, up to 5 units (at maximum power) can be plugged into a 15 amp circuit. 3 per power cord.
  • Convenient storage compartment underneath unit for cords not in use
  • Fits perfectly in 59145 carrying case (sold separately)
ItemDescriptionColorWattsVoltsAMPSUS List Price
5950275Countertop Induction WarmerBlack3001202.5$772.50
5950280Countertop Induction WarmerNatural3001202.5$772.50
59502DWDrop-In Induction Warmer-3001202.5$782.80
595027502Countertop Induction Warmer, SchukoBlack3002301.3$772.50
595027503Countertop Induction Warmer, UKBlack3002301.3$772.50
595027504Countertop Induction Warmer, ChinaBlack3002301.3
595027505Countertop Induction Warmer, AustraliaBlack3002301.3
595028002Countertop Induction Warmer, SchukoNatural3002301.3
595028003Countertop Induction Warmer, UKNatural3002301.3
595028004Countertop Induction Warmer, ChinaNatural3002301.3
595028005Countertop Induction Warmer, AustraliaNatural3002301.3
59502DW02Drop-In Induction Warmer, Schuko-3002301.3
59502DW03Drop-In Induction Warmer, UK-3002301.3
59502DW04Drop-In Induction Warmer, China-3002301.3
59502DW05Drop-In Induction Warmer, Australia-3002301.3
Accessory Number:Accessory Family:Description:
59145Mirage® Induction Carrying CaseMirage® Induction Carrying Case
  • THUMBSCREW 1/4-20 X 2"23035-3$3.10 
  • CORD STORAGE COVER25964-1$5.10 
  • 14 AWG POWER CORD25966-1$33.10 
  • 18 AWG INTERCONNECT PWR CORD25968-1$17.70 
  • REMOTE CONTROL PANEL25986-1$98.90 
  • USB CORD25987-1$9.00 
  • KIT FOR DROP-IN MTG BRACKET25988-1$8.00 
  • RUBBER FEET25990-1$1.00 
  • GLASS TOP ASSEMBLY5950201-1$137.00 

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"We have been using Vollrath induction cooktops in our Fox Valley Technical College bakeshop for some time now and their ease of use, durability, and slim design are all noteworthy.  The cooktops hold up to daily use (and abuse) and still maintain accuracy.  An additional benefit is their ease of cleaning and sanitizing."

— Jenn Malvitz, CEPC, CCE, ACE 
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef, Fox Valley Technical College