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Signature Dishrack Component Parts - Full Size

Signature Dishrack Component Parts - Full Size

Where To Buy
  • Dividers available in natural only
  • Risers available in 8 colors: Light Green (1), Cocoa (2), Red (3), Light Blue (4), Gold (5), Gray (6), Royal Blue (7), Burgundy (9)
ItemDescriptionCase LotCase Lot Weight (lbs.)Case Lot Cube (ft.)UPCUS List Price
5230410Riser - full size67.024.63029419125500$18.10
52305809-compartment divider - full size60.840.71029419143221$13.70
52306809-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.780.41029419279104$14.40
523008016 compartment divider - full size610.020.71029419126552$15.40
523078016-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.360.41029419214532$16.00
523178020-compartment divider - full size60.660.71029419713547$16.20
523168020-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.660.71029419713530$16.00
523188020-compartment extended divider - full size60.660.71029419713561$16.20
523018025-compartment divider - full size60.660.71029419126712$16.20
523081025-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.540.41029419259571$16.00
523218030-compartment divider - full size60.660.71029419713585$16.20
523208030-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.660.71029419713578$16.20
523228030-compartment extended divider - full size60.660.71029419713592$16.20
523028036-compartment divider - full size60.780.93029419134298$16.90
523098036-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.660.41029419234653$16.20
523038049-compartment divider - full size60.840.71029419137800$18.10
523108049-compartment trimmed divider - full size60.780.41029419244881$17.80
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"We have been using Vollrath induction cooktops in our Fox Valley Technical College bakeshop for some time now and their ease of use, durability, and slim design are all noteworthy.  The cooktops hold up to daily use (and abuse) and still maintain accuracy.  An additional benefit is their ease of cleaning and sanitizing."

— Jenn Malvitz, CEPC, CCE, ACE 
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef, Fox Valley Technical College