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Pro-Spec™ Free Goods Program

The Vollrath Pro-Spec™ Free Goods Program is a means for operators to outfit their serveries, assuring their Vollrath equipment works right out of the box, ready to serve, from day one. By outfitting the customer’s kitchen with the right accessories, you are insuring for your client, that smallwares doesn’t become that unbudgeted or “forgotten” expense. All too often, customers end up with the wrong merchandise because all they had to choose from is whatever their local supplier had in stock. Protecting the integrity of the project & your intent as a consultant ensures that your concepts work functionally as intended, with the equipment you specified, immediately. Best of all, YOU don’t have to specify wares, as Vollrath will work directly with the end user during the selection process, and even has an online ‘wish list’ tool to make it even easier.

Operators receive up to $75,000 of Free Goods at list with a minimum $60,000 serving line-up purchase or minimum $20,000 fabricator component purchase. See program information for details.

It’s a great program, and our web-based system makes it easy for you and your customer to redeem!

IMPORTANT: Pro-Spec™ Free Goods must be specified at the beginning of your project, before it is ordered. 

  1. Include Vollrath’s Pro-Spec™ Free Goods as a line item in a project. 
  2. Visit the Pro-Spec™ Details and Application page to register the project. This will hold the information until items are actually invoiced. You will be emailed a confirmation that we recieved your application.
    Note: All applications will be reviewed by Vollrath and are subject to approval. You will receive an email notification within 10 days if your application has been approved.
  3.  Forward the Free Goods estimate and program information to the operator. 
  4.  The operator will fill out the Free Goods Redemption form. A local Vollrath employee will reach out to help the operator create a wish list of smallwares that can accompany the project.
  5.  Vollrath will confirm that the product did invoice as part of the project, and the final Free Goods amount will be established.
  6.  An order will be placed for the FREE GOODS specified by the operator.

This is an incredible way to offer free smallwares to operators, and also hold the product you specify in spec. Thank you for specifying Vollrath products and supporting the Vollrath Pro-Spec™ program.

Program Details and Forms

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Pro-Spec™ Free Goods Program Details and Application

View full instructions and apply for free goods.

Pro-Spec™ Free Goods Redemption Form

Use this form, along with a job reference number, to apply for Free Goods redemption