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Miramar® Cookware Brand Information

Miramar® at a Glance

Price: $$$
Use: Display, High-Volume Kitchens
Warranty: 1 Year


Stainless Steel - Tri-Ply with Aluminum Core

Finish / Coating

Natural Finish

Handle Options

Plated Cast Handle

Handle Attachment

Standard Rivets

Cookware Types

Sauce Pans


Oval Au Gratin

Sauté Pans

Stir Fry Pans & Server

French Omelet Pan


Small & Large Food Pans

French Oven



Fresh from the kitchen to the customer! Miramar® Display Cookware makes it possible to cook and serve in the same vessel. Give your customers the impression of home-cooked foods with an elegant presentation.

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  • Cookware items have satin-finished interior and exterior with mirror-finished handles
  • Au Gratin, Food Pans and French Oven have full mirrored finish
  • Unique handle design allows for easy removal from templates
  • Handle design serves as a convenient cover rest on Casseroles, Saute Pan and French Omelet Pan
  • Use in any typical display areas: heated shelves, steam table with templates and induction ranges...but with quality only seen in commercial cookware.


Miramar® Display Cookware is extremely durable due to tri-ply construction, which also provides product longevity.

Note: All Coatings and Silicone Sleeves have 90 day warranties.