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Mirage® Drop-In Induction Warmers & Rethermalizers

Watch as our Director of Equipment Marketing discusses some of the features of our new Mirage® Drop-In Induction Warmers and Rethermalizers. These innovative units allow you to heat soup and chili without the use of any water, while also providing faster retherm times and better temperature control.


Key Product Features

  • Mirage® Drop-In Induction Warmers & RethermalizersRequires no water. 3-D coils surround the inset and act like steam, but require no water. This eliminates issues of scaling and steam on counters.
  • Immediate start-up. With no water to preheat, users can put heated soup or food in and just turn the unit on. Induction directly heats the inset immediately. (Note: Must use Vollrath Induction ready inset).
  • Minimize burned foods and food waste, and have better food taste and quality. Three thermistor temperature sensing and temperature settings in 1 degree increments provide accurate temperature control. Approximately 100% food yield.
  • High efficiency and low amperage. Warmers are 120V 2.1 amps. Run up to 8 units on a 20-amp circuit.
  • Induction heating means faster retherm times. Retherm in 50-60 minutes versus 1.5 hours for most units.
  • Hold most popular food items with presets for Soup, Crème Soup, Chili, and Mac n Cheese.