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The Real Cost of an Economy Pan

Anyone who has been in the foodservice business for long has seen them: buffet lines in which would-be enticing food preparations are framed within the mangled corners and bent edges of low-quality steam table pans. But eye appeal isn't the only thing going out the window.


Bent Steam Table Pans:

  • Inefficient, allowing steam and heat to escape which compromises food temperatures.
  • Increases energy costs from the well.
  • Increases HVAC costs.
  • Extra burden on heating elements, shortening life-span.
  • The money wasted on energy will offset any "savings" made on the cheap up-front purchase price of the pans.

Vollrath Super Pan®:

  • Feature an exclusive corner and edge design so they stay flat on the steam table.
  • Maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Saves you money.

Save on Energy Costs!

Save an annual average of $36* on energy costs PER FULL-SIZE PAN OPENING! Hourly kWh usage shows that Super Pan® is 38% more efficient!

Steam Table Pan
Hourly KWH Usage
Total Annual Hrs.
Total Annual KWH
Price Per KWH
Total Annual Cost
Super Pan® 0.20 2488 497.60 0.1225 $60.96
Competitor w/ bent edges 0.32 2488 796.11 0.1225 $97.52

Average Annual Savings of $36.56!*
*Third Party Testing on Super Pan 3®. Total hours based on 8 hours a day / 311 days a year. 
Average Commercial Retail Price of Electricity = $0.1153/kWh as of Sept. '11 per U.S. Dept. of energy website. www.eia.doe.gov

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