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Sanitizing Your Flatware

Signature Soak System

Step 1. Presoaking Sorted Flatware

Presoak sorted flatware in three rack and tub combinations (52827). Presoaking removes most of the food particles from the flatware prior to the wash cycle. (If counter space is limited, use the soak system stand to save space.)

Washing Flatware

Step 2. Washing

Remove racks from the soak tubs and put them through the dishwasher. During this wash cycle any remaining food particles should be removed.

Final Sanitizing

Step 3. Final Sanitizing

Place the flatware, handle-side-down, in the flatware cylinders (52643). Place eight cylinders in a half-size open tall rack (52802) or less than eight cylinders in a 52808. Return the rack to the dishwasher for final washing. This procedure ensures proper washing and drying, resulting in sparkling clean, spotless flatware.

Transferring Flatware

Step 4. Transferring Flatware

Transfer flatware from one cylinder to another – without ever having to touch the flatware! Flatware will be handle-side-up for easy access and for continuous sanitation during table set-up.