Cayenne® Drop-In Warmers Product Family
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Cayenne® Drop-In Warmers

Cayenne® Drop-In Warmers

CENSFUL - US and CanadaMade in USA
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Thermoset Fiber-Reinforced Resin Well - self-insulating for maximum energy efficiency.
  • 6 foot cord and plug
  • 72109 has a 5 foot cord with plug
  • Top mounts
  • Drain models allow for easy cleaning
  • Recommend using up to 4" (10.2 cm) deep pans - full and fractional sizes
  • Low-water indicator light eliminates guesswork
ItemDescriptionWattsVoltsAmpsPlugUS List Price
72105Model 3001D Drop in warmer with drain, unit mounted control7001205.85-15P$497.60
72107Model 3002D Drop in warmer with drain, remote control panel with flexible conduit - Control cutout dimensions: 5 x 3 1/2 (12.7 x 8.9), no low water indicator light7001205.8Hard Wire$584.60
72109Model TD43R-DI 4/3 thermoset drop-in warmer with integral drain, front mounted control panel with flexible conduit control panel dimensions: 5-5⁄8" x 5-1⁄2" (14.3 x 14 cm)160012013.35-15P$894.10
72560Model 3001 Drop in warmer with drain *Available for export only7002303.0UK$483.80
72610Model 3001 Drop in warmer *Available for export only7002303.0Schuko$429.40
72112Model TD43R-DI 4/3 Thermoset Drop-in Warmer - Canada only16002407.7NEMA 6-15P$918.50
No Accessories for this Product Family.
  • CONTROL KNOB (BLACK)17012-1$4.20 
  • POWER CORD (18 GA) 6 FT17023-1$13.00 
  • THERMOSTAT- 34" CAPILLARY17124-1$71.80 
  • SCHUKO POWER CORD 220V/240V17249-1$18.10 
  • TIMER/CONTROL KNOB (F/17170)17388-1$4.60 
  • HIGH LIMIT SWITCH17504-1$7.70 
  • PLASTIC WELL-ROUTED W/DRAIN17534-1$138.30 
  • POWER CORD NEMA 6-15P 72"17739-1$16.40 
  • 4/3 PLASTIC WELL W/DRAIN HOLE17800-1$189.40 
  • THERMOSTAT 96" CAPILARY17816-1$80.30 
  • CORDSET 14AWG SJTOW17847-1$28.30 
  • THERMOSTAT BRACKET17928-1$6.20 
  • THERMOSTAT HIGH LIMIT17950-1$3.00 
  • THUMBSCREW 1/4-20 X 2"23035-3$3.30 
  • PILOT LIGHT - AMBER 250V23066-3$11.00 
  • SWITCH23254-1$27.90 
  • PILOT LIGHT BLUE 250V2327901-1$10.60 
  • 3/4" VALVE BALL FEMALE23286-1$26.30 
  • MINATURE ROCKER SWITCH 125V23420-1$17.50 
  • KNOB CONTROL23423-1$6.80 
  • LONG DRAIN VALVE23424-1$25.10 
  • POP RIVET .125 DIA23686-3$1.10 
  • HIGH LIMIT THERMOSTAT 125C25438-1$16.40 
  • MOUNTING BRACKET44001-2$24.10 
  • BOTTOM PANEL - 4/3 WARMER44024-2$30.10 
  • DROP-IN MOUNTING CLIP44179-1$2.10 
  • CONTROL BOX COVER44189-2$8.30 
  • CAST HEATER 700W 120V44204-1$74.60 
  • CAST HEATER 760W 240V44206-1$73.30 
  • HEATER CAST 800W 120V44287-1$80.60 
  • HI LIMIT ASSEMBLY44407-2$16.40 
  • BOTTOM PANEL44451-2$12.10 
  • STRAIN RELIEF - FOR 3/8 CORD26543-3$1.30 
  • CONNECTOR 3 WIRE WAGO 221-4134350811-1$5.90 
  • CONNECTOR 5 WIRE WAGO 221-4154350812-1$3.40 
  • DRAIN ADAPTOR - MOLDED25958-1$19.50 
  • NUT KEPS #6-3217019-3$0.50 
  • PILOT LIGHT - BLUE 125V1755901-1$4.10 
  • SCREW THREAD ROLLING 10-3217014-3$0.50 
  • 3/8 DIA CLOSED CELL FEET17015-1$0.50 
  • SILICONE D-HEATER GASKET178681-1$11.50 

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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant  


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