Cayenne® OHC-500 Heat Lamp Product Family
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Cayenne® OHC-500 Heat Lamp

Cayenne® OHC-500 Heat Lamp

NSFUL - US and Canada
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Maintain serving temperature for heated foods.
  • Stainless hood directs heat evenly over 12" x 20" (30.5 x 50.8 cm) area
  • Chrome-plated legs and uprights
  • Adjustable height lamp assembly - minimum 12 1/2" to 20 1/2" (31.8 to 52 cm) above counter
  • Cord mounted on/off switch
  • Wide base assembly will hold standard 12" x 20" (30.5 x 50.8 cm) pan or Vollrath 71001 warmer
  • Non-skid feet for firm placement on countertop
  • 120V, 500W, 4.2A
  • Pan not included
ItemDescriptionWattsVoltsAmpsPlugUS List Price
71500Cayenne ® OHC-500 heat lamp, white bulbs5001204.25-15P$418.90
72241Red infrared bulb, 250W, 120V250120 -$564.00
72242White infrared bulb, 250W, 120V250120 -$470.10
72500Cayenne ® OHC-500 heat lamp, red bulbs5001204.25-15P$417.40
No Accessories for this Product Family.
  • HEYCO STRAIN RELIEF17045-3$1.60 
  • O RING OHC-50017150-3$1.30 
  • POWER CORD W/SWITCH17152-1$36.30 
  • 022-254-HDWE-RM SOCKET17153-1$9.60 
  • 1 X 1" BLACK TUBE PLUG17156-3$1.10 
  • BLACK RUBBER FOOT OHC-50017157-3$1.10 
  • KNOB - 3 ARM CLAMING PHENOLIC17277-1$3.00 
  • LAMP 250W 120V RED SHAT RES17500-1$35.50 
  • LAMP 250W 120V CLR SHAT RES17501-1$32.10 
  • OHC-500 HOOD SUPPORT44276-2$44.40 
  • OHC-500 PLATED BASE ASSEMBLY44281-2$83.00 
  • NUT KEPS #6-3217019-3$0.50 

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"We have been using Vollrath induction cooktops in our Fox Valley Technical College bakeshop for some time now and their ease of use, durability, and slim design are all noteworthy.  The cooktops hold up to daily use (and abuse) and still maintain accuracy.  An additional benefit is their ease of cleaning and sanitizing."

— Jenn Malvitz, CEPC, CCE, ACE 
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef, Fox Valley Technical College


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