InstaCut ™ 5.1 Accessories Product Family
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InstaCut ™ 5.1 Accessories

InstaCut ™ 5.1 Accessories

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Accessories for the Instacut™ 5.1
ItemDescriptionCut Description IN (MM)Case LotUPCUS List Price
55470Replacement Blade Only1/4 (6.4) Dice1671080854465$177.20
55471Replacement Blade Only3/8 (9.5) Dice1671080854472$177.20
55472Replacement Blade Only1/2 (12.7) Dice1671080854489$177.20
55473Replacement Blade Only1/4 (6.4) Slice1671080854496$177.20
55474Replacement Blade Only3/8 (9.5) Slice1671080854502$177.20
55475Replacement Blade Only1/2 (12.7) Slice1671080854519$177.20
55476Replacement Blade Only4 Section Wedge1671080854526$177.20
55477Replacement Blade Only6 Section Wedge1671080854533$177.20
55478Replacement Blade Only8 Section Wedge1671080854540$177.20
55479Replacement Blade Only10 Section Wedge1671080854557$177.20
55480Replacement Blade Only12 Section Wedge1671080854564$177.20
55481Replacement Blade Only6 Section Core1671080854571$162.20
55482Replacement Blade Only8 Section Core1671080854588$162.20
55483T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly1/4 (6.4) Dice1671080854595$287.50
55484T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly3/8 (9.5) Dice1671080854601$287.50
55485T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly1/2 (12.7) Dice1671080854618$287.50
55486T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly1/4 (6.4) Slice1671080854625$287.50
55487T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly3/8 (9.5) Slice1671080854632$287.50
55488T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly1/2 (12.7) Slice1671080854649$287.50
55489T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly4 Section Wedge1671080854656$287.50
55490T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly6 Section Wedge1671080854663$287.50
55491T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly8 Section Wedge1671080854670$287.50
55492T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly10 Section Wedge1671080854687$287.50
55493T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly12 Section Wedge1671080854694$287.50
55494T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly6 Section Core1671080854700$287.50
55495T-Handle, Pusher Block and Blade Assembly8 Section Wedge1671080854717$287.50
59924InstaCut™ 5.1 Cleaning Comb-1671080876146$11.00
Accessory Number:Accessory Family:Description:
59924InstaCut ™ 5.1 AccessoriesInstaCut™ 5.1 Cleaning Comb
  • SCREW THUMB 1/4-20-3/42014012$7.60 
  • PUSH-ON RETAINING WASHER351442-1$0.70 
  • WASHER RUBBER 3/8 ID2241001$2.80 
  • INSTACUT 5.1 3/8 IN351448-1$41.00 
  • INSTACUT 5.1 1/4 AND 1/2 IN351447-1$41.40 
  • 8/4 SECTION WEDGER PUSHER351449-1$62.00 
  • 10 SECTION WEDGER PUSHER BLOCK351450-1$63.70 
  • 12 SECTION WEDGER PUSHER BLOCK351451-1$65.10 
  • 12 SECTION CORE PUSHER BLOCK351453-1$100.40 
  • 8/4 SECTION CORE PUSHER351452-1$101.80 
  • INSTACUT 5.1-T-HANDLE (FINSHD)351456-2$105.60 

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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant  


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