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LidSaver™ 2 Infographic

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Federal Mandate for Preventing Contamination

Because LidSaver 2 Dispensers do such a fantastic job of dispensing only one clear lid at a time and keeping the others untouched, they are the only lid dispensers on the market that meet the federal mandate for preventing contamination.

4-904.11 Kitchenware and Tableware.

(A) SINGLE-SERVICE and SINGLE-USE ARTICLES and cleaned and SANITIZED UTENSILS shall be handled, displayed, and dispensed so that contamination of FOOD- and lip-contact surfaces is prevented.

(B) Knives, forks, and spoons that are not prewrapped shall be presented so that only the handles are touched by EMPLOYEES and by CONSUMERS if CONSUMER self-service is provided.

(C) Except as specified under (B) of this section, SINGLE-SERVICE ARTICLES that are intended for FOOD- or lip-contact shall be furnished for CONSUMER self-service with the original individual wrapper intact or from an APPROVED dispenser.

Source: //www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/GuidanceRegulation/UCM189448.pdf. Accessed 4/29/2013.

The LidSaver is the only lid dispenser on the market that meets the federal mandate for preventing contamination.

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