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LidSaver™ 3 Dispensers

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LidSaver 3 Display

The LidSaver 3 eliminates the messy, unsanitary, and wasteful pile of lids that you often see at quick-serve operations. Our new dispensers continue to provide you with the same health and cost benefits that you've come to expect from our LidSaver Dispensers.

According to a recent study, 80% of all infections are caused by touch.

Gain Control of this situation with LidSaver.


Sanitary Solution

Today's customers are concerned about health, and with good reason. Only five percent of people wash their hands long enough to thoroughly remove harmful organisms.

Keeps operations clean and tidy, addressing major consumer concerns about health and well-being. 



In many cases, customers hunt through a stack of lids in search of one that no one else has touched. In turn, they come into contact with several lids they have no intention of using. LidSaver delivers a single, clean, untouched lid when customers open the door.


Cost Savings

LidSaver 3 offers a proven and patented* solution to end waste of drink lids with real ROI. Counters are kept free of stacks of new lids and messy rejected lids, requiring less labor for cleanup.


Easy to Use

Simple-to-use design allows customers to fill beverages and put on lids using only one hand. Each LidSaver 3 holds approximately a full sleeve of lids making frequent restocking unnecessary.



LidSaver 3 can be field converted from the factory calibration to just about any size or type in a matter of minutes. Their high-tech appearance will add to the aesthetics of your presentation and can help your beverage business grow.

The LidSaver has been reported by one major chain customer to have reduced their lid use by 30%

Fewer wasted lids adds up to more savings.


LidSaver 3 Display

LidSaver 3 dispensers deliver savings, convenience, and improved hygiene by simply dispensing a single clean lid when you open its door. The LidSaver 3 dispenses more kinds of lids than any other single lid dispenser.

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Quick service operations go to great lengths to prevent their employees from contaminating anything that comes into contact with the food and beverages their customers consume, and for good reason.

But one variable that is often left unaccounted for is the customers themselves. Many coffee shops, convenience stores and fast food establishments enable patrons to put their own lids on their beverage or soup containers.

In many cases, customers hunt through a stack of lids in search of one that no one else has touched. In turn, they come into contact with several lids they have no intention of using. These lids either end up on the ground or counter or get returned to the original pile.

Customers struggle to find a clean lid for their beverages and spread germs. LidSaver™ 3 can help.

LidSaver was found to reduce total bioburden by over 40%, including an over 80% decrease in yeast and mold counts.

Help ensure your customers receive clean lids.


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  How many are in use?

LidSaver is in use in thousands of convenience stores, fast food, quick service restaurants, theater chains, health care, and foodservice operations of all kinds throughout the United States and overseas.

  Does it hold up in demanding locations?

The LidSaver single lid dispenser has an outstanding record regarding malfunctions. Since recent upgrades, the LidSaver has a less than 1% problem rate.  The LidSaver is designed and constructed with materials and parts that should be good for a million dispenses, intentional abuse not withstanding. The LidSaver is built to last.

  What kind of lids does it dispense?

The LidSaver dispenses most every kind of lid that is well-designed and manufactured with quality in mind. This includes gourmet, domed coffee lids, standard flat coffee and cold drink lids, tabbed lids, slotted lids, soup cup lids, high-dome specialty drink lids and more.

  How do you adjust it for a new lid?

The LidSaver lid dispenser is calibrated in the factory for your specific lid. If your food service operation changes lids you can order a Retrofit Kit that enables you to dispense your new size lid or lid from a different manufacturer. The LidSaver Retrofit Kit comes with an instruction sheet and all the parts and tools necessary to prepare the LidSaver for a different lid. The process should take just a few minutes to complete.

  Can it be mounted into existing cabinets or fixtures?

The LidSaver fits into existing cabinets quite easily. Its light weight and narrow dimension do not require any additional suspension assistance. For new cabinets and fixtures, Vollrath supplies your architects/designers and fabricators installation guides.

  Are there cabinet models for counter tops available?

Yes, cabinet models are available.

  How do you fill it with lids?

The LidSaver single lid dispenser accommodates a single sleeve of lids in most cases. First, make sure you check your lids to be sure they match the manufacturer and lid number attached to the "lid pusher plate" inside the LidSaver door. Second, check your lids for compaction during manufacturing and shipping. Some lids need to be "flaked" or slightly separated to dispense well. Third, make sure the lids are inserted with the the top of the lid stack is facing outward. Fourth, insert your lid stack into the LidSaver so that it matches up to the pusher plate. Be sure to not overfill the LidSaver - forcing too many lids into it will create compaction and may cause the lids to dispense improperly.