Mixer Capacity Chart
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Mixer Capacity Chart

Vollrath's Mixers are a standard-setting advance in value: the features, the durabiity, and the Vollrath service, reliability,
and reputation in one tough range of mixers, ready to serve your operation.

Find the right mixer for your application

  • When mixing dough (pizza, bread or bagels) check your
    "AR" absorption ratio - water weight divided by flour weight
    Example: If recipe calls for 5 lb of water and 10 lb of flour, then 5 divided by 10 = 0.50 x 100 = 50% AR
  • Below capacities are based on 12% flour moisture at 70°F water temperature
  • If high gluten flour is used, reduce dough batch by 10%
  • 2nd speed should never be used on mixtures with less than 50% AR
  • Do not use attachments on hub while mixing
  • When calculating the correct size mixer for your application, here are some helpful weights & measures:
    1 gallon of water = 8.3 lb
    1 quart = 2.08 lb

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Maximum Bowl Capacity
Product DescriptionAgitatorSpeed7 Quart10 Quart20 Quart30 Quart40 Quart60 Quart
Bread and roll dough - 60% ARDough hook1st speed only4 lb5 lb25 lb45 lb50 lb90 lb
Heavy bread dough - 55% ARDough hook1st speed only2 lb3 lb15 lb30 lb40 lb70 lb
Pizza dough, thin - 40% ARDough hook1st speed only2 lb3 lb9 lb14 lb25 lb40 lb
Pizza dough, medium - 50% ARDough hook1st speed only3 lb4 lb10 lb20 lb32 lb60 lb
Pizza dough, thick - 60% ARDough hook1st speed only4 lb5 lb20 lb40 lb50 lb70 lb
Raised donut dough - 65% ARDough hook1st speed only2 lb2 lb9 lb15 lb25 lb40 lb
Pie doughFlat beaterAll speeds4 lb4 lb18 lb30 lb35 lb60 lb
Mashed potatoesFlat beaterAll speeds4 lb5 lb15 lb23 lb30 lb45 lb
Cake batterFlat beaterAll speeds6 lb8 lb20 lb30 lb40 lb60 lb
Waffle or hot cake batterFlat beaterAll speeds3 qt4 qt8 qt12 qt16 qt24 qt
Pound cake batterFlat beaterAll speeds6 lb8 lb20 lb30 lb40 lb60 lb
Egg whitesWire whiskAll speeds3/4 pt1 pt1 qt1 1/2 qt2 qt3 qt
MeringueWire whiskAll speeds1/2 pt3/4 pt1 qt1 1/2 qt2 qt3 qt
Whipped creamWire whiskAll speeds1.8 qt2 qt4 qt6 qt8 qt12 qt

Note: This chart should be used as a guideline only. Type of flour and other factors can vary and may require the batch size to be adjusted.


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