Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer FAQs
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Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer FAQs

Is an induction ready inset required?

Yes, it requires a Vollrath induction ready inset. Non-induction ready insets can sometimes heat if work hardened but are erratic as they are not designed for induction. Dimensionally they will not match up with the temperature sensors. The Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer senses a non-Vollrath pan and indicates BAD PAN and shuts the unit off.

What is the warranty?

1-year replacement warranty. If you have any issues, contact Vollrath Technical Support and they will do some diagnostics. If the unit is defective, they will replace the unit.

What if I pour water into the unit?

Water is not recommended, this is a dry unit. An overflow protector has been installed in the unit to protect circuits against small amounts of water. If you fill it with a large amount, it may cause damage to the unit and void the warranty.

Do you have a drop-in version of this unit?

Yes, drop-in units are now available. Please see our Mirage® Drop-In Induction Warmers and Rethermalizers product page for more details.

Do you have international versions?

International versions in 240V with CE are being created and should be available roughly by the end of summer.

Will this cook foods?

No. This is a hot food holding warmer and a rethermalizer only. It’s maximum temperature is 190F. In North America, devices like this are overwhelmingly used for hot food holding in commercial applications. Future versions could be used for applications like cooking rice, but not this current model. The advantages of a non-cooking version are lower wattages, lower amperages, and longer unit life.

Is the plastic well durable?

It’s made of polycarbonate, which is extremely durable.

Where is this designed and made?

Vollrath in-house designers and engineers create Vollrath induction products. This unit is manufactured at the Vollrath Xi’an manufacturing facility in China, the inset is manufactured in Sheboygan WI. We also manufacture other induction products (typically higher wattage, extra heavy-duty units) at our Kewaunee, WI Vollrath plant.

Can I program the unit?

For larger unit volume opportunities, Vollrath can reprogram the units via the mini-USB found on the underside of the base. This is typically for a multi-unit opportunity. The standard programming works for a wide variety of customers.

Why are there only two colors?

We chose two popular colors based on our experience selling warmers. No plans to add colors right now.

Are there any opportunities for private labeling?

Contact Vollrath and we will see if there is a labeling or wrap available. The wrapper on the unit is aluminum so a magnetic wrap will not work in this instance.

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