Classic Cafeteria Breath Guard Product Family
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Classic Cafeteria Breath Guard

Classic Cafeteria Breath Guard

Made in USA
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Now available NSF2 Certified
  • NOTE: Item made to order, cannot be cancelled or returned.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 1" (2.5 cm) square tubular stainless uprights
  • 300 series stainless steel top shelf
  • 1/4" (.6 cm) acrylic breath guard panels
  • Single shelf model is 14" overall height, 13" from countertop to bottom of top shelf
  • Double shelf model has adjustable front breath guard panels with middle acrylic shelf
  • Double shelf model is 18" overall height, with 8" between the shelves
ItemDescriptionWell/Pan SizeWidthWidth (CM)DepthUS List Price
37310Single-shelf cafeteria2 Well or 2 Pan2871.112.875$1390.80
37311Single-shelf cafeteria3 Well or 3 Pan46116.812.875$1390.80
37312Single-shelf cafeteria4 Well or 4 Pan60152.412.875$1627.80
37313Single-shelf cafeteria5 Well or 5 Pan7418812.875$2000.10
9861006Single-shelf cafeteria6 Well or 6 Pan88223.512.875$2372.70
N37310NSF2 Single-shelf cafeteria with acrylic end panels2 Well or 2 Pan2871.120$1738.50
N37311NSF2 Single-shelf cafeteria with acrylic end panels3 Well or 3 Pan46116.820$1738.50
N37312NSF2 Single-shelf cafeteria with acrylic end panels4 Well or 4 Pan60152.420$2034.70
N37313NSF2 Single-shelf cafeteria with acrylic end panels5 Well or 5 Pan7418820$2500.30
N9861006NSF2 Single-shelf cafeteria with acrylic end panels6 Well or 6 Pan88223.520$2966.00
37320Double-shelf cafeteria2 Well or 2 Pan2871.112$2474.40
37321Double-shelf cafeteria3 Well or 3 Pan46116.812$2474.40
37322Double-shelf cafeteria4 Well or 4 Pan60152.412$2847.90
37323Double-shelf cafeteria5 Well or 5 Pan7418812$4102.00
9861707Double-shelf cafeteria6 Well or 6 Pan88223.512$4982.60
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