Downdraft Vent Module (DVM)
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Downdraft Vent Module (DVM)

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Downdraft Vent Module


Vollrath’s Downdraft Vent Module (DVM) is the first system for front-of-the-house cooking that incorporates a downdraft vent for grease-laden air, and a foodguard with an integrated ANSUL system for both fire containment and suppression. Sleek design and the latest technology are combined to help you meet industry standards, while also being highly efficient and looking fantastic for your customers.

Downdraft Vent Module Kitchen Innovations Award 2014

Downdraft Vent Module

Awarded a 2014 Kitchen Innovations Award

The Downdraft Vent Module serves as a stand alone station or in a V-Class Custom or Signature Server® line-up.

How It Works

The Downdraft Vent Module (DVM) includes several features for emissions control and fire safety. The downdraft vent draws air through grease filters and a combination particle/carbon filter. Combined with the foodguard, this vent meets the industry requirement for controlling grease-laden air for the induction units specified. In addition, a pressure sensing vacuum interlock switch, senses if there is an obstruction in the filters or if filters are missing or installed incorrectly, and shuts off master power within the module.

Fire Suppression

This innovative module has an integrated ANSUL R-102 system. Each unit ships with an uncharged canister. Operators must find an authorized Ansul dealer to charge the unit, add the Co2 or Nitrogen propellant, inspect the unit and commission/tag it. Find local dealers in the U.S. by visiting Click “Find a Distributor.” Enter location information and in the product pull-down, choose: “R-102 Restaurant Pre-Engineered Solutions.” Click “Submit” for a dealer in your area. Only use ANSUL distributors for charging, inspection, and commission of your Vollrath Downdraft Vent Module.

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