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Cookware Style Guide

Are you using the right type of cookware to get the most flavor out of your ingredients? Use the list below to determine the best cookware types for your kitchen, and then find your cookware.

Fry Pan

  • Curved side walls for easy stirring and sliding food out of the pan
  • Ideal for frying, scrambling, sautéing or searing
  • Sloped sides prevent steam from forming in the pan

Sauté Pan

  • Wide bottom area for maximum heat conduction
  • Ideal for sautéing, searing, deglazing, poaching, and stir frying
  • Straight, tall sides help contain food and expose all sides to heat and minimize spattering

Stir Fry Pan

  • Ideal for stir frying or wok applications
  • Deep curved sides promote excellent food movement
  • Stir Fry Pan flat bottom sits level on cooking surface as opposed to a wok's rounded bottom


  • Hybrid sauce pan and fry pan
  • Sauté, brown, poach, create a stir-fry and build a sauce
  • Curved sides allow for thorough and efficient whisking of ingredients

Straight Sided Sauce Pan

  • Wide bottom area for maximum heat conduction
  • Ideal for creating and reducing sauces and cooking vegetables
  • Use with a lid to control evaporation and accelerate cooking

Tapered Sauce Pan

  • Small bottom diameter for less heat exposure
  • Flared sides allow for good stirring action
  • Ideal for cooking at lower temperatures for a longer time


  • Wide heating surface allows the cooking of meats and vegetables in limited amounts of liquid
  • Ideal for long, slow cooking which allows the liquid to add juices and flavor
  • Also used as a hot bath in conjunction with tapered sauce pans for melting butters, heating sauces or for blanching vegetables
  • Braziers have a large diameter and short side walls that make them a great multi-use pot for all kitchens

Sauce Pot

  • Wide bottom area for maximum heat conduction
  • Ideal for slow cooking stews, sauces, soups, casseroles and roasts while reducing the content
  • Two loop handles for easier pouring and movement
  • Sauce pots are shorter and wider than stock pots to make it easier to work over the pot

Stock Pot

  • Thick base for a good slow simmer
  • Ideal for stocks, soups, pastas, bulk vegetables and seafood
  • Smaller diameter and taller height of pot preserves liquids longer and forces the liquid to bubble up through the ingredients, maximizing flavor transfer


  • Wide flat bottom for maximum cooking area
  • Designed to heat or brown foods
  • Ideal for eggs, grilled cheese, quesadillas, sandwiches

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