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Kitchen Essentials

A chef is only as good as the tools available. Vollrath’s kitchen utensils help you create that perfect culinary experience. Kitchen essentials, like food containers, skewers, and meat tenderizers are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of utensils Vollrath has to offer.

Jacob's Pride® Utensils

Reliability starts with the basics. You don’t want your operation to be slowed down on a busy night because of something simple like broken utensils. It also eats into your bottom line to be continually replacing cheap utensils that are not up to the job. That’s why Vollrath offers the Jacob’s Pride® line, backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

Product Features

• Antimicrobial materials • Color-Coding
• Ergonomic Handles • HACCP/food safety
• Heavy-duty construction • High-temperature tolerance
• Kool-Touch® • Portion control

Visit our Why Jacob's Pride®? page on Vollrath University to learn more about individual product features.

Practical Solutions

Color coded utensils ensure that the right tools are used for the right food products to increase food safety.

> View Color Coded Products

Portion control utensils help you achieve more consistent service and annual food cost savings.

> View Portion Control Products

Utensils with all-natural antimicrobial built right into their handles help increase food handling safety for your workers and customers.

> View Antimicrobial Products

One-Stop Shop

Vollrath supplies all the essential tools for your kitchen, including tongs, Spoodle® utensils, whips, measuring cups and spoons, dishers, and more. You are in the right place for convenience, dependability, and a lower cost of ownership.

Pizza Accessories

Pizza making is an art. Creating the perfect art piece requires the perfect tools. Our wide-range of utensils and accessories provide you with everything you need to craft the perfect pie. 


View All Pizza Accessories


view all Kitchen Essentials

View our complete offering of Kitchen Essentials from Spoodle® Utensils to Storage Boxes.

Start Your Portion Control Program

Both operators and customers alike stand to benefit from portion control. Learn how to get started here.

Training Resources

Learn how the smallest tools in your kitchen can have a big impact on your business by visiting our Vollrath University section.

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