Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Basting Spoons with Ergo Grip™ handles Product Family
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Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Basting Spoons with Ergo Grip™ handles

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Basting Spoons with Ergo Grip™ handles

NSFJP Lifetime WarrantyAntimicrobial
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Durable and efficient spoon design
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel shaft and bowls - resistant to corrosion
  • High temperature patented nylon handle - heat resistant to 450°F (232°C)
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable and reduces hand fatigue
  • Built-in stopper notch prevents spoon from sliding into food product
  • Textured surface on handle prevents slippage while in use
  • One-piece construction is extremely durable and has no crevices to collect water or bacteria
  • Unique bowl shape with contoured end fits corner of pans - reducing food waste and maximizing serving efficiencies
  • 3-sided spoon has a straight-sided "cutting" edge to aid in serving solid, sticky, or cheesy food products
  • Color shown in image may differ from options available for specific item
ItemDescriptionColorLength IN (CM)HeightHeight (CM)US List Price
64130SolidBlack13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
64132PerforatedBlack13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
64134SlottedBlack13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
641363-Sided SolidBlack13 5/16 (33.8)13.312533.8$15.30
641383-Sided PerforatedBlack13 5/16 (33.8)13.312533.8$15.30
6414015SolidWhite13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414030SolidBlue13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414040SolidRed13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414050SolidYellow13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414070SolidGreen13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414080SolidPurple13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.30
6414215PerforatedWhite13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414230PerforatedBlue13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414240PerforatedRed13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414250PerforatedYellow13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414270PerforatedGreen13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
6414280PerforatedPurple13 13/16 (35.1)13.812535.1$15.50
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"We have been using Vollrath induction cooktops in our Fox Valley Technical College bakeshop for some time now and their ease of use, durability, and slim design are all noteworthy.  The cooktops hold up to daily use (and abuse) and still maintain accuracy.  An additional benefit is their ease of cleaning and sanitizing."

— Jenn Malvitz, CEPC, CCE, ACE 
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef, Fox Valley Technical College


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