One-Piece Color-Coded Kool-Touch® Tongs Product Family
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One-Piece Color-Coded Kool-Touch® Tongs

One-Piece Color-Coded Kool-Touch® Tongs

NSFMade in USAJP Lifetime WarrantyAntimicrobial
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  • With all-natural antimicrobial
  • Kool Touch® handles are color safe up to 225°F (107.2°C)
  • Fully Functional up to 350°F (176.6°C)
  • Insulated coating permanently bonded to utensil - will not slip or peel off
  • Provides cool, comfortable grip
  • 20 gauge stainless steel
  • Reduce risk of food borne illness resulting from cross-contamination
  • Unique one-piece springless design eliminates bacteria-prone food traps
  • Kool-Touch® color-coded handles provide easy identification for controlled food contact
  • Ideal for maximizing your HACCP program
  • Scalloped end available in four sizes; VersaGrip® available in three sizes
  • Two grip designs: Utility (scalloped) or VersaGrip®
  • Color shown in image may differ from options available for specific item
ItemDescriptionColorLength IN (CM)HeightHeight (CM)US List Price
4780620ScallopedBlack6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780630ScallopedBlue6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780640ScallopedRed6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780650ScallopedYellow6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780660ScallopedTan6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780670ScallopedGreen6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780680ScallopedPurple6 (15.2)615.2$8.80
4780920ScallopedBlack9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4780930ScallopedBlue9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4780940ScallopedRed9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4780950ScallopedYellow9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4780960ScallopedTan9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4780970ScallopedGreen9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4780980ScallopedPurple9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4781220ScallopedBlack12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781230ScallopedBlue12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781240ScallopedRed12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781250ScallopedYellow12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781260ScallopedTan12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781270ScallopedGreen12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781280ScallopedPurple12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4781620ScallopedBlack16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4781630ScallopedBlue16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4781640ScallopedRed16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4781650ScallopedYellow16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4781660ScallopedTan16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4781670ScallopedGreen16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4781680ScallopedPurple16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4790920VersaGrip®Black9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4790930VersaGrip®Blue9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4790940VersaGrip®Red9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4790950VersaGrip®Yellow9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4790960VersaGrip®Tan9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4790970VersaGrip®Green9 1/2 (24.1)9.524.1$14.30
4791220VersaGrip®Black12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4791230VersaGrip®Blue12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4791240VersaGrip®Red12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4791250VersaGrip®Yellow12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4791260VersaGrip®Tan12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4791270VersaGrip®Green12 (30.5)1230.5$16.30
4791620VersaGrip®Black16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4791630VersaGrip®Blue16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4791640VersaGrip®Red16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4791650VersaGrip®Yellow16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4791660VersaGrip®Tan16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
4791670VersaGrip®Green16 (40.6)1640.6$18.40
Accessory Number:Accessory Family:Description:
52645Tote ‘N Store® Chafer BoxesTote ‘N Store® Chafer Boxes
No Parts and Services for this Product Family.

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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant  


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