One-Piece Heavy-Duty Ladles with Short Handles Product Family
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One-Piece Heavy-Duty Ladles with Short Handles

One-Piece Heavy-Duty Ladles with Short Handles

NSFJP Lifetime WarrantyAntimicrobial
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Now with all-natural antimicrobial
  • Now with all-natural antimicrobial
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel shaft and bowls are resistant to corrosion and rusting
  • One-piece construction - sanitary and very durable
  • Exact bowl dimensions insure consistent capacities
  • Capacities clearly stamped on product in both ounces and milliliters for easy size identification
  • Short 6" handles available in plain stainless or black Kool-Touch® coating
    • Kool Touch® handles are color safe up to 225°F (107.2°C)
    • Fully Functional up to 350°F (176.6°C)
    • Insulated coating permanently bonded to utensil - will not slip or peel off
    • Provides cool, comfortable grip
ItemColorCapacity (OZ (ML))Bowl Diameter (IN (CM))Case LotCase Lot Weight (lbs.)US List Price
4970110Stainless1 (29.5)1 27/32 (4.7)122.14$12.30
4970120Black1 (29.5)1 27/32 (4.7)122.32$18.60
4970210Stainless2 (59.0)2 15/32 (6.3)123.60$13.90
4970220Black2 (59.0)2 15/32 (6.3)123.84$19.60
4970310Stainless3 (88.5)2 61/64 (7.5)124.12$17.00
4970320Black3 (88.5)2 61/64 (7.5)124.32$23.20
4970410Stainless4 (118.0)3 13/32 (8.7)124.86$17.10
4970420Black4 (118.0)3 27/64 (8.7)125.06$24.70
4970510Stainless5 (147.5)3 13/32 (8.7)125.14$17.60
4970520Black5 (147.5)3 13/32 (8.7)125.26$26.20
4970610Stainless6 (177.0)3 19/32 (9.1)125.38$18.00
4970620Black6 (177.0)3 19/32 (9.1)125.62$26.50
4971510Stainless1 1/2 (44.3)2 29/64 (6.2)122.52$13.60
4971520Black1 1/2 (44.3)2 29/64 (6.2)122.70$19.30
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"We have been using Vollrath induction cooktops in our Fox Valley Technical College bakeshop for some time now and their ease of use, durability, and slim design are all noteworthy.  The cooktops hold up to daily use (and abuse) and still maintain accuracy.  An additional benefit is their ease of cleaning and sanitizing."

— Jenn Malvitz, CEPC, CCE, ACE 
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef, Fox Valley Technical College


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