Signature Server® with Laminate or Corian® Countertops Product Family
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Signature Server® with Laminate or Corian® Countertops

Signature Server® with Laminate or Corian® Countertops

Made in USA
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Add "curve" appeal to your food serving operation. New curved and rectangular bases are easy to design, specify and order. Choose from laminate and solid surface counters to create your own style or match any decor. Select our highest quality drop-ins and breath guards to complete your line up, along with accessories such as signage, menu board, plate rests and tray slides.
  • NOTE: Item made to order, cannot be cancelled or returned.
  • Striking new curved and rectangular base shapes
  • Functional and stylish Traditional, Contemporary, or Progressive breath guard options
  • Laminate and solid-surface counters, plate rests, and tray slides in thousands of color and texture options
  • Choose from Vollrath's large selection of hot, cold, frost top, and soup Modular Drop-Ins - distinctive and energy efficient
  • Backed by Vollrath's one-year parts and labor warranty
  • Choose from hundreds of available counter colors in solid surface or laminate
  • Create Your Signature Server® Line-up in AutoQuotes
  • Color shown in image may differ from options available for specific item
ItemDescriptionWidthWidth (CM)DepthDepth (CM)US List Price
9701362" Frost Top - Rectangular Base62157.73281.3$4203.30
9701476" Frost Top - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
9702548" Beverage - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
9702662" Beverage - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
9702776" Beverage - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
970303 Well Hot - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
970404 Well Hot - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
970433 Pan Std-Ref. - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
970453 Pan Non-Ref. - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
970463 Pan NSF7 Cold - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
970473 Well Hot Bain Marie - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
970505 Well Hot - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
970574 Well Hot Bain Marie - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
970606 Well Hot - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
970614 Pan Std-Ref. - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
970654 Pan Non-Ref. - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
970664 Pan NSF7 Cold - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
970675 Well Hot Bain Marie - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
970705 Pan Std-Ref. - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
970755 Pan Non-Ref. - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
970765 Pan NSF7 Cold - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
970776 Well Hot Bain Marie - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
970806 Pan Std-Ref. - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
970846 Pan Non-Ref. - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
97085Corner Station3281.33281.3$3661.20
970866 Pan NSF7 Cold - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
9721248" Frost Top - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
97215Cashier Station3281.33281.3$3661.20
9721690" Frost Top - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
9722032" Utility - Rectangular Base3281.33281.3$4041.90
9722148" Utility - Rectangular Base48121.93281.3$4121.40
9722262" Utility - Rectangular Base62157.53281.3$4203.30
9722376" Utility - Rectangular Base761933281.3$4310.00
9723390" Utility - Rectangular Base90228.63281.3$4394.00
9731281" Frost Top - Curved Base81205.73691.4$5045.20
9731397" Frost Top - Curved Base97246.43896.5$5587.20
97314107" Frost Top - Curved Base107271.840101.6$6130.40
973303 Well Hot - Curved Base81205.73691.4$5045.20
973404 Well Hot - Curved Base97246.43896.5$5587.20
973433 Pan Non-Ref. Curved Base81205.73691.4$5045.20
973453 Pan Std-Ref. Curved Base81205.73691.4$5045.20
973463 Pan NSF7 Cold Curved Base81205.73691.4$5045.20
973473 Well Hot Bain Marie - Curved81205.73691.4$5045.20
973505 Well Hot - Curved Base107271.840101.6$6130.40
973574 Well Hot Bain Marie - Curved97246.43896.5$5587.20
973604 Pan Non-Ref. Curved Base97246.43896.5$5587.20
973654 Pan Std-Ref. Curved Base97246.43896.5$5587.20
973664 Pan NSF7 Cold Curved Base97246.43896.5$5587.20
973675 Well Hot Bain Marie - Curved107271.840101.6$6130.40
973705 Pan Non-Ref. Curved Base107271.840101.6$6130.40
973755 Pan Std-Ref. Curved Base107271.840101.6$6130.40
973765 Pan NSF7 Cold Curved Base107271.840101.6$6130.40
9739181" Utility - Curved Base81205.73691.4$5045.20
9739297" Utility - Curved Base97246.43896.5$5587.20
97393107" Utility - Curved Base107271.840101.6$6130.40
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"When you talk about performance, quality, or durability, I know I can rely on Vollrath products.  I can always trust on my Jacob's Pride® cookware to get the job done, even on the most demanding situations.  The combination of Tribute® fry pans with the Mirage® induction range is the perfect combination."

 — Franceso Lorusso
Executive Chef, La Uva Restaurant  


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