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V-Class Custom

V-Class Custom

NSFUL - US and CanadaMade in USA
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Vollrath's NEW Custom V-Class series of mobile serving equipment takes style, innovation, and rugged durability to a whole new level. Built like a tank, our welded structural frame construction is the platform for the latest quartz and solid surface countertops. Unique removable base panels allow for easy maintenance and service. Through-the-counter mount breathguards mount to the base frame for stability. Choose the industry's new standard of excellence - Vollrath's Custom V-Class.
  • Takes style, innovation and rugged durability to a whole new level
  • Standard Features:
  • Extra heavy-duty stainless structural frame construction
  • Counters available in quartz, Corian®, laminate, or 14 gauge 300 Series stainless steel
  • Through-the-counter mounted, adjustable breath guards
  • 13 standard sizes 30” to 96” length, or create custom sizes
  • 6" adjustable heavy-duty legs
  • Removable panels for access to components
  • Choice of Options: See the V-Class Series Overview PDF for the full range of options and accessories.
  • Base: Options include four different heights, line locks, countertop material, exterior laminate panel colors, doors and shelves, legs or casters, toe kicks
  • NSF7 and standard cold wells, frost tops and induction ranges
  • Breath Guard Option:
    • Options include cafeteria, single-sided and double-sided breath guards; display shelves; lights and heat strips
  • Electrical: Options include duplex outlets, daisy chain wiring and electrical load centers
  • Accessories: Options include tray slides, plate rests, cutting boards, tray dispensers, plate dispensers, overshelf and grommet holes for power cord/utility service
  • Choose quartz, solid surface, stainless or laminate counters
ItemDescriptionWidthWidth (CM)Length of Base IN (CM)
VC30Cold Base3076.230" (76.2 cm) 
VC36Cold Base3691.436" (91.4 cm) 
VC42Cold Base42106.742" (106.7 cm) 
VC48Cold Base48121.948" (121.9 cm) 
VC54Cold Base54137.254" (137.2 cm) 
VC60Cold Base60152.460" (152.4 cm) 
VC66Cold Base66167.666" (167.6 cm) 
VC72Cold Base72182.972" (182.9 cm) 
VC78Cold Base78198.178" (198.1 cm) 
VC84Cold Base84213.484" (213.4 cm) 
VC90Cold Base90228.690" (228.6 cm) 
VC96Cold Base96243.896" (243.8 cm) 
VCS32Cashier Station3281.332" (81.3 cm) 
VCS48Cashier Station48121.948" (121.9 cm) 
VCS60Cashier Station60152.460" (152.4 cm) 
VFT36Frost Top Base3691.436" (91.4 cm) 
VFT42Frost Top Base42106.742" (106.7 cm) 
VFT48Frost Top Base48121.948" (121.9 cm) 
VFT54Frost Top Base54137.254" (137.2 cm) 
VFT60Frost Top Base60152.460" (152.4 cm) 
VFT66Frost Top Base66167.666" (167.6 cm) 
VFT72Frost Top Base72182.972" (182.9 cm) 
VFT78Frost Top Base78198.178" (198.1 cm) 
VFT84Frost Top Base84213.484" (213.4 cm) 
VFT90Frost Top Base90228.690" (228.6 cm) 
VFT96Frost Top Base96243.896" (243.8 cm) 
VH30Hot Base3076.230" (76.2 cm) 
VH36Hot Base3691.436" (91.4 cm) 
VH42Hot Base42106.742" (106.7 cm) 
VH48Hot Base48121.948" (121.9 cm) 
VH54Hot Base54137.254" (137.2 cm) 
VH60Hot Base60152.460" (152.4 cm) 
VH66Hot Base66167.666" (167.6 cm) 
VH72Hot Base72182.972" (182.9 cm) 
VH78Hot Base78198.178" (198.1 cm) 
VH84Hot Base84213.484" (213.4 cm) 
VH90Hot Base90228.690" (228.6 cm) 
VH96Hot Base96243.896" (243.8 cm) 
VU30Utility Base3076.230" (76.2 cm) 
VU36Utility Base3691.436" (91.4 cm) 
VU42Utility Base42106.742" (106.7 cm) 
VU48Utility Base48121.948" (121.9 cm) 
VU54Utility Base54137.254" (137.2 cm) 
VU60Utility Base60152.460" (152.4 cm) 
VU66Utility Base66167.666" (167.6 cm) 
VU72Utility Base72182.972" (182.9 cm) 
VU78Utility Base78198.178" (198.1 cm) 
VU84Utility Base84213.484" (213.4 cm) 
VU90Utility Base90228.690" (228.6 cm) 
VU96Utility Base96243.896" (243.8 cm) 
No Accessories for this Product Family.
No Parts and Services for this Product Family.

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"We have been using Vollrath induction cooktops in our Fox Valley Technical College bakeshop for some time now and their ease of use, durability, and slim design are all noteworthy.  The cooktops hold up to daily use (and abuse) and still maintain accuracy.  An additional benefit is their ease of cleaning and sanitizing."

— Jenn Malvitz, CEPC, CCE, ACE 
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef, Fox Valley Technical College


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