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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an operator's manual?

Type the item number in the product search window to obtain all the related information. The owner's manuals are in PDF format.

Where can I purchase service parts?

From a Vollrath authorized parts and service agent. You can locate one by using the parts and service agency locator or by contacting Vollrath techncial service or 800.628.0832.

What is not covered by warranty?

Knives and Slicer Blades

Light Bulbs

Door Seals

Glass, Breath Guard Glass

Calibration and set up of gas equipment

Cutting board surfaces

How long is my warranty?

Please refer to the Vollrath warranty page for details. (click here)

Why do I need to contact Vollrath Technical Services directly for warranty assistance?

Technical Services has a high level of product knowledge and may be able to diagnose and resolve the issues with the end user, often over the phone. Vollrath will also be able to match the customer with the closest and best service agency available to help them.

What is the procedure to have warranty service on my Vollrath product?

WARRANTY PROCEDURE:  - All warranty claims will start with a call to Vollrath Technical Service support line. (800-628-0832)

A technical support professional will work with the end user to diagnose the issues, and provide the details for the service solution. You must have the product in front of you when calling.

The following information is REQUIRED for processing warranty service requests:

Name of person calling
Phone number of person calling
Business name
Street address, city, state & zip
Model & Serial number
Date of Purchase
Proof of Purchase (Receipt)
Name of dealer where unit was purchased

NOTE: Vollrath will not accept products sent without the proper procedure being followed.



REGISTER ONLINE TODAY - Register your warranty online now on our Product Registration page

NO WEB ACCESS - If you do not have access to the web, kindly register by completing the warranty registration form and faxing it to The Vollrath Co. LLC office in the country of purchase.

Why does Vollrath request proof of purchase for a warranty claim?

The proof of purchase allows us to validate the time of ownership. Warranty begins on the date of the original purchase. There are times when the serial number may indicate the manufacturing date is prior to the purchase date.

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