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How and Why Induction Works

The key concept of induction is that heat is generated by the pan itself. The induction unit achieves this by creating movement in the molecules of the induction-ready pan. Induction turns the cookware itself into the heat source transferring the heat straight to the pan and its contents.

Gas and electric ranges, on the other hand, work by creating a heat source beneath the pan, which in turn must transfer its heat to the cookware. This is an indirect transfer of heat.

Induction Graphic

Nothing is more efficient

The videos below were taken by a thermocamera to showcase the difference between direct and indirect heat sources.

First, look at the gas range on the right. The white at the base of the pot shows the extreme heat of the flame. Note how little of the heat is actually making it to the pot. The rest of the energy is wasted as it floats away into the room.

Compare that to the induction unit on the left. The energy converts directly to heat in the pan. Because of this superb energy efficiency, much less energy is lost.

Induction Range

Induction Range

Induction is approximately 90 percent more efficient. The white color represents a temperature of over 550◦F. Notice how much of that heat is transferred directly to the pot and how evenly that heat is distributed.

 Gas Range

Gas Range

Due to the indirect heat source on the gas range, only a fraction of the heat is actually being transferred to the pot.

Nothing is Faster

Nothing is faster

Energy isn’t the only thing you will be saving with induction. By directly transferring heat, induction also greatly reduces cooking times. Induction gets straight to the point by delivering heat only where you need it.

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Nothing is more precise

Nothing is more precise

Rather than adjusting a gas flame up or down in hopes of altering the temperature in the pan, induction allows users to dial in a precise power level or temperature.

Induction is more responsive than gas, giving the operator greater control. This is especially crucial for more intricate menu items when repeatable results are expected.

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Nothing is safter

Nothing is safer

There is no heated surface on an induction range. The pan gets hot. The food gets hot. But the induction range only produces magnetic fields; so if there is no pan on the unit, no heat is produced.

Vollrath goes above and beyond the inherent safety of induction with features like overheat protection, small article detection, pan auto detection, empty pan shutoff, safety auto-shutoff, and a "hot" warning display.

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Paired performance

Paired Performance

Induction-ready cookware or serving vessels are required to utilize induction technology. In order to be compatible, cookware must contain magnetic material. Vollrath offers a wide range of world-class, induction-ready cookware and serving vessels.