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Beyond Food's Price Tag

Posted by Guest Blogger Becky Schreiber-Pethan

Did you know?


An Easy Step to Controlling Food Costs

If you’re running a school cafeteria, you’re probably a budgeting pro. And each decision you make – like which buns to choose for Friday’s burgers – can make or break your weekly bottom line. Yet while the price of food is definitely important, making sure you serve the right amount of food can make an even bigger impact.

When your team dishes up the creamy cole slaw or mac and cheese, having a right-sized portion means students won’t be left hungry. It also means you won’t run out at the end of the serving line – or at the end of your budget.

So how can you ensure proper portions? Vollrath makes it easy with color-coded, precisely sized utensils including ladles, dishers and Spoodles®.

From sauces and soups to veggies and fruits, precise portions can help you keep your costs in control and be sure you’re meeting guidelines to qualify for federal meal reimbursement. The color-coding system has other uses too, such as indicating foods that are low in sodium, fat or cholesterol or foods that are allergen free.

Have a salad bar or other area where students serve themselves? Choose your utensils wisely there too. If it’s too big they may over serve and waste food. If it’s too small, students may scoop more than once, which can slow down the line.

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About Becky Schreiber-Pethan

Becky is the Category Manager for the “Kitchen Tools” and “Buffet and Tabletop” product categories. In addition to overseeing these categories she is the go to person for any custom food service product requests. She has been with Vollrath for over 23 years and has spent 20 of those years in new product development. Her undergraduate degree is in Marketing and she also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

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