Grinders - Product Demonstration
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Grinders - Product Demonstration

Grinder HeadPerfect for butchers, supermarkets, restaurants, and many other foodservice operations, our grinders allow operations to add fresh-ground meat, vegetables, and more to their menu. Our meat grinders are noted for their exceptional reliability, efficiency, and attractive, compact design. There are also a number of other design features that set Vollrath grinders apart.

First, the grinder body, head and tray are constructed of high-end solid stainless steel. This allows you to safely wash the grinding head and tray in a dishwasher, as opposed to some competitor models made of aluminum or tinned/aluminized steel.

As shown in the picture to the right, the inside of our grinder chamber also has a fluted design, so not only does the worm gear push food through the grinder plate but food also gets cut and ground as it's pushed through the grinder chamber.

In addition, our cutting blade is uniquely designed to only fit one way onto the worm gear, ensuring the blade is put on the worm gear in the proper orientation. In the photo below, you'll see the back of the blade has a square cutout while the front has a round cutout - allowing it to only be put on the correct way. When a blade is put on backwards onto the worm gear, it can potentially break the blade.

We offer two sizes of grinders - the No. 12 grinder and the No. 22 grinder. The No. 12 grinder uses a 1-horsepower motor and grinds about 265 pounds of meat per hour. The No. 22 grinder uses a 1/2-horsepower motor and can do about 528 pounds of meat per hour. Our grinders come standard with two cutting plates, a 1/8" (32 mm) and 5/16" (79 mm) cutting plate. Grinder attachments also fit on mixer hubs for flexibility with grinding and mixing.

Grinder Cutting Blade

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